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People live in Fairfield, Connecticut, because it’s a great town to call home. Founded almost 400 years ago, its beaches, parks, quiet neighborhoods, and cultural attractions make it a beautiful place to relax after the workday. No place is perfect, of course, and when residents of Fairfield or surrounding towns face medical or dental challenges, the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is the place to visit.

Holistic Family Medicine & Dentistry in Fairfield, CT

Founded by Drs. Mark & Adam Breiner, the Center is Fairfield, Connecticut’s premier holistic medicine, dentistry, and brain performance center. With over seventy years of combined experience, The Breiners and their team offer the best of cutting-edge and traditional medicine and dentistry to achieve the best results for body, mind, and spirit. Whole-Body Medicine works to achieve full health and wellness by enhancing your recovery powers.

While most medical professionals prefer modern pharmacopeia and its dependence on man-designed chemicals, Whole-Body Medicine has an entirely different approach. Combining naturopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, energetic medicine, nutrition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and various methods to enhance brain function, Whole Body Medicine does not suppress symptoms as drug therapy does. Instead, they seek to remove the impediments blocking your ability to heal.

Whole-Body Dentistry also differs in its approach to dentistry. One cannot have a healthy mouth without a healthy body, and one cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mouth. Thus, it is essential to treat both. Our holistic dentistry approach realizes the energetic relationship of the teeth and surrounding tissues to the rest of the body. Knowing this relationship, the effect of silver (mercury, amalgam) fillings, root canals, cavitations on one’s entire system is tested for and used in helping plan one’s treatment. The use of a 3D Head CAT Scan and energetic testing is critical in looking for and evaluating hidden infections. The proper development of jaw relationship in children is vital, and early intervention to ensure correct development is critical. If this does not occur, sleep breathing problems may develop as well as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction. Studies show a relationship of sleep breathing disorders in children to ADD/ADHD, bed-wetting, hyperactivity, poor school performance, anxiety, and much more. If not corrected, symptoms continue into adulthood, often leading to sleep apnea with its associated risks.

How Do They Do That?

After a comprehensive initial visit exploring all aspects of your mental, physical, and emotional health, all factors are considered— existing illnesses, age, fitness, and more — to establish the issues underlying your health concerns. We seek to remove the obstacles to your good health so that your body can prevent disease and age gracefully in beautiful, downtown Fairfield, or wherever you live.

A couple of the many available health care options include:

The NeuroEdge offers cutting-edge diagnostic tools and therapies designed to heal an injured brain as well as boost brain performance. Your brain, the most complex part of the human body, functions as the “command center” for the nervous system. We are our brain, all we think, feel, or create originates inside this amazing organ.

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