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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

Contrary to myth, Trumbull wasn’t named for the famous Revolutionary War painter, it was named for his father, then Connecticut’s governor.  The town continues the old New England tradition of self-reliant neighborhoods — Trumbull actually has three independent, all-volunteer fire departments! To put out the fires that sometimes arise in one’s medical history, the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is right next door combining the best of traditional and holistic medicine and dentistry.

A Whole-Body Approach to Medicine & Dentistry

Drs. Mark & Adam Breiner and their team of experienced professionals combine over 70 years’ experience as Connecticut’s premier holistic medical-dental center. The team looks at your total health — body, mind and spirit — instead of depending on modern pharmacopoeia’s man-designed chemicals. Whole Body Medicine seeks to remove impediments which impede your own natural healing powers, for example: Your body is about 73 percent water; IV therapy replenishes the water and essential nutrients lost through daily activity. EEG Neurofeedback prompts the brain to subconsciously eliminate abnormal patterns and reach for optimal performance. Osteopathy is a gentle hands-on treatment to release compressed bones or joints, promoting movement of fluid within the body. Combined with other therapies and treatments, we help keep your brain sharp and your body functioning at its best to treat injuries and improve your daily performance. Whole Body Dentistry understands that proper dental health is inescapably linked to proper general health. The holistic dentistry approach starts with a thorough patient history and complete dental examination to determine the best treatment plan.  Integrative dentistry (as it’s sometimes called) includes the patient as an integral participant in their own health and wellness plan. Combining excellent dentistry with an energetic paradigm Whole-Body Dentistry offers a unique approach to dentistry and health.

How Do They Do That?

The Breiner Clinic serves those with serious health issues and those seeking to fine-tune their vitality and general health. At your initial visit, your doctor will review your health history, current status and what you hope for the future. Whether you face neurological conditions, routine dental work or the general wellness issues we face as we age, the team can design a program to remove the obstacles preventing your body from fighting back, so you can maintain your personal self-reliance as long as possible, in traditional Trumbull, or wherever you live. Contact the Breiner Whole Body Health Center today, see how we can help you help yourself to wellness.

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