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At Whole-Body Dentistry, we make effort to make certain an extraction is performed only as a last resort. When, however, a tooth needs to be removed, it is extracted painlessly, and the bone is thoroughly debrided to remove any bacterial growth and infection. An extraction is the complete removal of a permanent tooth. Depending on the difficulty of the extraction, whether or not the tooth is impacted or erupted, and whether it has straight or curved roots, the extraction may be performed in our office or, in some instances, referred to an Oral Surgeon.

There are many reasons for an extraction.

Some of the reasons for an extraction include advanced gum disease; an abscessed tooth that cannot be saved, a tooth with decay too deep to save, a tooth that has broken at the gum line and cannot be saved, an impacted tooth (as in an impacted “Wisdom Tooth”). Some orthodontic cases require that one or more teeth be extracted. A patient may also choose to have a tooth extracted in an effort to avoid a root canal, or to eliminate a root-canaled tooth that may have become infected.

Whatever the reason may be for an extraction, it is important that every effort be made to properly clean the extraction socket of the tooth and bone in order to insure proper healing and to prevent the formation of a cavitation. We use EAV (electrodermal) testing to verify that the debridement is complete. Whenever possible, it is best to do an extraction when the body has been detoxified and the person’s constitution has been strengthened. this will help ensure that proper healing will occur.

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