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  •    Feel Healthier?
  •    Remove Toxic Waste from Your Body?
  •    Relieve Constipation?
  •    Lose Weight?
  •    Make Your Skin Radiate?
  •    Increase Your Energy?
  •    Increase Your Absorption of Nutrients?

Good health depends as much upon how well we eliminate wastes from our bodies, as it does upon how well we eat.  When the colon is congested with stagnant waste, dangerous toxins back up in our systems and wreak havoc on our tissues and organs. A colonic promotes relief from a variety of disturbances by gently cleansing the colon and opening our body’s natural detoxification pathways.  We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean.

A Colon Cleanse should be a vital part of your life-long anti-aging and detoxification strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Colonics


What does Colon Hydrotherapy do?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a method of removing waste from the large-intestine, without the use of drugs. Due to the fact that the colon, or large intestine, is a storage area for waste, an unhealthy amount of waste can ‘back-up’ and wreak havoc throughout our body. It is extremely beneficial for the body to release such accumulated congestion.  Colon Hydrotherapy is a therapy used to gently cleanse the inside of your colon; it is like giving your insides a bath.

Will I be seen by a doctor?

On your initial visit, you will be screened by one of our doctors to clear you for the colon cleanse.

I feel bloated and constipated, will I feel better after my first colonic session?

Many patients do experience relief of their bloating and constipation even after just one session. However, if the person is very constipated they may actually have an increase in bloating and abdominal discomfort as their hardened stool begins to expand and soften as it rehydrates. Often a follow-up session that week, or the following, will help release and evacuate this old hardened stool.

Will I lose weight doing colonics?

Many patients find that by cleaning their colon and attaining normal bowel function, coupled with a healthy diet, helps in their weight lost goals.

Is having a weekly colonic good for me?

You may have read about Hollywood stars having weekly colonics to maintain their weight and appearance. However, outside of doing a medically-supervised detox, having too many colonics is not a good thing. For most patients, we recommend having a colonic every 3-6 months as a part of their healthy lifestyle maintenance.

What will I feel during a colon hydrotherapy session?

For most people, a colonic irrigation session can be a pleasant experience. Through the introduction of purified, temperature and pressure-regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis.  During a treatment the inflow of a small amount of water and the subsequent release of waste is a pattern repeated several times.  The cleansing effects of colon hydrotherapy should produce better colon flow and elimination.

Will my privacy be respected during a colonic session?

Yes. At Whole-Body Medicine we strive to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation during your detoxification process.  During the session, most clothing may be kept on; however, you will be asked to wear a pair of specially perforated cotton shorts that we provide.  For your convenience and protection, there is a bathroom within the room where the procedure will be taking place, and you will be draped with your choice of a sheet or blanket during the procedure.

How many Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions do I need?

The number of sessions needed differs from one individual to the next.  The doctors at Whole-Body Medicine are more than willing to assist you in determining the number of treatments appropriate for you.

Do you offer other therapies that can enhance the benefits of a colon cleanse?

Yes, we offer numerous IV infusions. You can learn about our menu of custom IV drips designed to promote general health and wellness as well as targeted IV’s like our Clean and Lean designed to boost your metabolism, help suppress your appetite, and rev up your weight loss program, Youthful Aging IV to promote healthy skin and hair, Immuno-Boost IV to aid in detoxification.

To learn more or to schedule a Colon Hydrotherapy session at our Fairfield office, please ask to speak with Rose, our colon hydrotherapist. Call 203-371-8258 ext 2.

We see patients for colonics from Fairfield as well as surrounding Connecticut towns, including Westport, Stamford and Greenwich.

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