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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

Scarsdale, New York, has a storied history — not all of it pleasant. Continentals clashed with Redcoats during the Revolutionary War. German agents met with American businessmen during World War II. A public school debate over communism grabbed national headlines in the 1950s. On the whole, not bad for a quiet town over 300 years old and, let’s be honest, it’s exactly what your life is like — mostly sunny with occasional severe thunderstorms. When the medical storm clouds gather over you, visit the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in nearby Fairfield for the medical and dental umbrella you need.

Whole-Body Approach to Medicine Dentistry

Whole Body Medicine is about improving your body’s natural healing powers. We humans have a history of remarkable recoveries from devastating injuries and diseases. Renewal and revitalization of the body without the trauma of surgery or the side effects possible with man-designed chemicals is not pipe-dream, it simply requires removing the impediments which hinder natural physical processes. In a warm, friendly, stress-reducing environment, the Center staff works with you, taking a thorough patient history, conducting necessary testing and developing an effective combination of treatments — including acupuncture, clinical nutrition, breast cancer screenings, colon hydrotherapy, hormonal therapy and more — to keep your brain sharp and your body functioning at its best. Whole Body Dentistry links general health with dental health. Teeth are living tissue and, if compromised, they can be the gateway to serious health issues. Our integrated or holistic dentistry creates individualized detoxification protocols to help decrease oral inflammation and employs homeopathic remedies for better oral health. Our Healthy Start System promotes the proper growth and development of children’s jaws and teeth. We remove amalgam (mercury-based) fillings to which some people are very sensitive. Our home sleep study can analyze breathing to treat sleep apnea. And, of course, we offer a full range of cleaning/hygiene and cosmetic/restorative services.

How Do They Do That?

No system is perfect; we still can’t cure the common cold or every cancer, but holistic medicine can enhance the quality of life for most people. Many suburbanites, including some Scarsdale residents, are former city dwellers who escaped the unnecessary stresses of metropolitan life for quieter environments. You can enjoy all the benefits of modern medicine and dentistry while escaping some of their less than spectacular ideas. Contact the Breiner Whole Body Health Center today, see how we can help you help yourself to wellness.

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