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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

Stamford, Connecticut, calls itself “The City That Works” and, whatever they’ve been doing, it seems to have been working since the town’s founding in 1640. Well, mostly. A less-famous series of witchcraft trials in 1692 certainly didn’t work well for the accused, but the growth of Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” as New York City firms moved their headquarters (and senior executives) to the suburbs was a big positive for the town. Whether your life, like any normal town or individual, is experiencing an upcycle or a downtrend, visit the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center, in nearby Fairfield, where you’ll get advice and treatment to help turn the bad into good and the good into better.

A Whole-Body Approach to Medicine Dentistry

Whole Body Medicine treatments differ from the medical common to many current practitioners. Instead of waiting for disease to strike then trying to cure it, holistic medicine (as it’s also called) is about improving your body’s natural healing powers. Certainly, surgeries and drugs have their place, and Dr. Adam Breiner supports their use when necessary, but he focuses first on removing the impediments that hinder natural physical processes, empowering the body to deal with illness with support from clinical nutrition, hormonal therapy, acupuncture and other time-tested therapies. In a stress-reducing environment, the Center’s dedicated and experienced staff will take a thorough patient history then conducting necessary tests before recommending a plan to keep your mental and physical functions at their best. Whole Body Dentistry recognizes the relationship between oral and general wellbeing. The Healthy Start System encourages the correct development of children’s jaws and teeth, which helps prevent Sleep Disordered Breathing, which, in turn can lead to ADD/ADHD, chronic allergies, swollen adenoids and tonsils, bedwetting, snoring and more. For adults, we offer a full range of cleaning/hygiene and cosmetic/restorative services plus remove amalgam (mercury-based) fillings to which some people are very sensitive. Our home sleep study can analyze breathing to treat sleep apnea. Our integrated approach, also called holistic dentistry, creates individualized detoxification protocols to help decrease oral inflammation and employs homeopathic remedies for better oral health.

Can It Be That Good?

The day we can cure the common cold or every type of cancer, you will hear our shouts of excitement from Stamford all the way to midtown Manhattan! Until then, holistic medicine and dentistry will help your body do what it was designed to do — fix many of its own problems. If you’ve relocated to (or grew up along) Connecticut’s Gold Coast, you deserve the gold standard of patient care. Contact the Breiner Whole Body Health Center today, see how we can help you help yourself to wellness.

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