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We all know the importance of staying well hydrated; water assists our bodies in many essential functions and is vital to the life of every cell. The average adult body is comprised of approximately 60% water (the brain is 73% water!). Water and essential nutrients lost through daily activity need to be replenished to stay healthy. Our IV’s are not only designed to rehydrate, but also to replace depleted nutrients.

What Can IV Therapy Help?

There are numerous IV’s from which to choose. You can select from IV’s designed to support your immune system, aid in recovery from jetlag, long work hours or hangovers, restore athletic circulation, increase stamina, support muscle recovery and growth, aid in detoxification. There are even IV’s that provide antiaging benefits and IV’s that infuse fat-burning nutrients that promote weight loss. We also offer Brain Health IV’s that are designed to work with our many neurocognitive therapies. Be sure to browse the IV Menu on our website as the descriptions provided will help you in selecting an IV.

Start the Process

Unless you are currently a patient, you are required to complete a health form and have an intake with one of our nurses to clear you for the IV procedure. IV drips are prepared at the time of your visit and administered by our certified nursing staff. We use only trusted pharmaceutical products for your intravenous therapy. Our nurses can help you select an IV, as well as assist you in customizing your drip with added Boosters. You will find that intravenous therapy is a fast, safe, and potent way to administer the nutrients you need. Depending on your hydration status, you may feel the benefits of IV fluids immediately after your session.

Taking It to the Next Level

Dr. David Johnston, IV Nurse and patient at Whole-Body IV Solutions
Dr. David Johnston with IV nurse and patient.

Looking to address specific health concerns such as chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, Lyme Disease and its co-infections, heavy metal toxicity, fatigue, healing from concussions or other TBI’s, addiction recovery, or merely seeking a higher level of wellness? Consider scheduling an appointment with one of our holistic physicians.

An in-depth initial examination with one of our doctors requires a comprehensive intake as we thoroughly investigate the underlying causes of your health concerns. As the leading holistic health center in the region, we address the most challenging health conditions. Our physicians approach each case looking at the patient as a whole person and not just a symptom or disease diagnosis. In addition to the initial exam, cutting-edge diagnostic testing, if indicated, as well as energetic testing, may be performed. Every person is an individual, and our doctors seek to uncover and address your underlying issues, such as toxicities, infections, imbalances, etc. We look to remove the obstacles to cure. Depending upon your individual needs, a treatment plan will be tailored exclusively for you. When intravenous therapy is deemed appropriate, we customize formulas for each case.

Below are some of the IV’s that may be part of your treatment protocol when addressing systemic problems.

  • High dose Vitamin C (a popular therapy for cancer, infections and more)
  • PolyMVA (supercharge the mitochondria and improve the immune system)
  • Chelation Therapy (EDTA chelation therapy for heavy metals and cardiovascular health)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (a great antimicrobial drip for acute and chronic infections)
  • NAD (powerful energy molecule that helps restore cell energy. A miracle drip for people dealing with chronic fatigue, and addiction recovery)
  • Excitatory or Inhibitory Neurotransmitter Formulas (formulas created to balance neurotransmitters to help with better brain function)
  • Salicinium (amazing therapy for cancer and chronic infection)
  • UV photodynamic therapy (Hemealumen) (the most advanced technology of utilizing UV light and other light frequencies to destroy bacterial and viral infections as well as boost the immune system)
  • Phospholipid exchange (using phosphatidylcholine to help repair the cell membranes and detoxify the body)
  • Garcia IV Protocol: Our most advanced formula. It is the ultimate nutrient, chelation, and anti-aging formula. 

Our Doctors

Dr. Adam Breiner and Dr. David Johnston review patient IV.

The overseeing physician for Whole-Body IV Solutions is osteopathic doctor, David Johnston, DO. Our other holistic practitioners include Mark A. Breiner, DDS, Adam Breiner, ND, David Brady, ND, Jennifer Letitia, MD, and Elena Sokolova, ND. When you contact our office, the staff can help you select which doctor may best suit your needs.

Our doctors treat a wide variety of health concerns, and patients come from across the country, and even globally, to seek solutions to their health problems.

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