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After two years of pain and agony I was finally diagnosed with osteonecrosis. I had exhausted all avenues of the medical and dental profession in the Montreal area. I had gone to seven different dentists/dental surgeons, neurologist, phyciatrist, medical doctors, osteopath, acupuncturist, and naturopaths. I had been to three major hospitals and run numerous tests and scans which all showed negative results. I had also had two surgeries yet my symptoms persisted. I was still in pain and agony through my whole body, as well as suffering from terrible facial neuralgia. It was recommended that I do hyperbaric treatments which also helped to improve my medical mystery, however it was not completely eliminated . I didn’t know where to go from there. I had been in a panic, searching for answers and constantly planning my next move and had become an emotional wreck. I felt as if I was at war with my medical community trying to get someone to listen. My life was now all about research.

At the hyperbaric center Mr. Tom Fox gave me a book written by Dr. Breiner, “Whole Body Dentistry”. I was so astounded that there was someone out there who knew exactly what I was going through and feeling. That he actually did like to solve mysteries and had done so many times. That he understood the connection between teeth and the rest of your body. Also, that he had taken the time to learn about and encountered so many different situations. He was interested in how to resolve them and that his philosophy was to listen to the patient and not send them away, off to another doctor ! He was not your typical dentist or medical professional since at my first meeting with him, he confirmed that all of this was not in my head! He was not condescending or dismissive. He was the miracle that I had been praying for. Dr. Breiner spent time with me asking me questions about my medical history but also about my emotional and mental state. I was in a lot of pain, not sleeping and crying most of the time out of frustration and anger. I was a complicated case, a medical mystery, as no one else was able to determine what was wrong with me. I had been unable to detox from heavy metals and clear myself of the osteonecrosis yet Dr. Breiner has been able to find the perfect remedies for my particular situation.

Dr. Breiner has the most amazing, current and up to date tools at his disposal and knows how to use them in a way beyond most professionals. He is kind, patient and no symptom is ever dismissed as impossible or improbable. He wants and needs to find answers for his patients. I love his tenacity, his open mind and genuine care for his patients. His staff Amy, Jennifer, and Tracy (the lovely ladies who are taking care of me) always have a smile on their face and in their voices. They are a pleasure to deal with and no request is ever ignored. The atmosphere is one of care and attention to all my needs. I know that I am in good hands and that one day this particular health challenge will be behind me. And what is most spectacular is that they ALL LISTEN! Thank you Dr. Breiner for giving me my life back and saving my sanity.

M. Reinhard



By far the best dental experience (or medical experience) I have had to date, was undergoing Conscious Sedation Dentistry during removal of my root canal by Dr. Mark Breiner. I had never been sedated while remaining conscious before, and I didn’t know what to expect – I certainly wasn’t expecting to have one of the most relaxing, peaceful days I’d had in years! I arrived at Dr. Breiner’s office early in the morning in my comfy workout clothes and with my favorite throw blanket. I was a bit nervous that I may feel something during the procedure – not the case at all. Once I was in the chair, with nice music playing, my blanket keeping my cozy, I felt like I was in a Spa getting the most relaxing treatment ever! I never fell asleep but there was absolutely no pain, no fear, and best of all, I was just enjoying being there (I don’t get to relax very often!). The rest of my day was great- no groggy recover, I just felt great! Anyone who has any fear of sitting in the dentist chair should definitely try Dr. Breiner’s sedation method, I guarantee they won’t be disappointed.”

A. Williams



“At a last effort to regain my health, I decided to have my seven root canal teeth extracted. As a result I now experience higher energy levels, mental clarity and a much stronger immune system. Thank you, Dr. Breiner.”

G. Fiene



“I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in June of 1996 but rejected the conventional treatment of radioactive iodine to destroy the thyroid; instead I decided to research alternative medicine as a means of treatment. I discovered numerous articles on the harmful effects of mercury fillings and decided to have mine removed. Dr. Breiner removed my mercury fillings in August of 1996 and within 6 weeks my symptoms started to disappear…”

I. Ryan



“Because I was having unexplained neurological symptoms and Dr. Breiner’s examination indicated there was a lot of electrical activity in my mouth, I decided to have my amalgam fillings removed and replaced with other materials. The fuzziness I had been experiencing on almost a daily basis disappeared during the course of my four appointments. The lack of feeling and strength in my feet and hands took a little longer to go away completely, In addition, a highly welcome and completely unexpected thing occurred I didn’t get sick that winter, not a cold or sore throat, nothing. That continued for the next six years. I can’t help but believe that somehow the amalgam fillings were interfering with my immune system as well. Getting rid of those fillings was one of the best things I ever did for myself!”

A. Levy



“I suffered from numbness in my extremities, including my hands with random muscular “twitching”. My initial diagnosis was for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The symptoms then spread to my feet and lower legs. Carpal Tunnel surgery was performed on my left hand, however, my symptoms worsened! Testing for MS, Lyme Disease, HIV etc. were all Negative. After amalgam removal, and nutritional supplementation, my symptoms have been in steady regression. Overall, my well-being is immensely improved.”

M. Guarnieri



When I first became a patient of Dr. Breiner I was at my wit’s end with the problems of chronic fatigue. After having extensive metal fillings and posts (pins) removed from my mouth and detoxing with herbs and baths, my energy level rose from a two/three to an eight on a scale of one to ten. In addition, the blood test which checked dental products was of great help… I can honestly say this dental experience was the first time I left the dentist without feeling sick.”

K. Avery


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