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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center is like few other medical facilities in America — or just about anywhere else in the world. Breiner offers the latest in science combined with whole-body healing services, embracing the ancient holistic arts to achieve the best possible results for body, mind, and spirit. Below are just some of the many places our patients come from to seek treatment. Whether you’re in New England, the west coast, or across an ocean, Breiner Whole Body Health is here to help you heal.

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Whole-Body Medicine

Whole-body medicine works to achieve full health and wellness by removing the barriers for self-healing. Whole-Body Medicine achieves this by using sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools. Your body has a tremendous ability to self-heal and rejuvenate itself.  We seek to enhance your body’s inherent powers of recovery, renewal, and revitalization. Natural healing begins with you — a good diet can treat or enhance the treatment of many medical conditions. The right mix of foods, including dietary supplements when needed, fuels the body and provides the nutrients that allow it to work at peak efficiency. Quality sleep, proper breathing, proper exercise and meditation/relaxation time are also elements of natural healing — they are part of how the body is designed to function.

When something does go wrong, whole-body medicine offers numerous procedures to aid the body in renewing itself: Colon cleansing and detoxification, Traditional Japanese Reiki, oxygen therapies, brain rejuvenation protocols, IV solutions therapy plus neurofeedback and other treatments for mental/emotional issues at our Neuroedge Brain Performance Center.

Whole-Body Dentistry

Holistic dentistry, also called integrative dentistry, means treating the whole patient instead of just the mouth and teeth. Most patients are shocked to learn how many serious health crises can begin between their jaws. Over a century of research tell us that poor oral health can open a Pandora’s box of health problems — threats to the heart and circulatory system, inflammation which may lead to arthritis, nervous system ailments and more. Holistic dentistry provides a full range of services, from homeopathic remedies for better oral and overall health to treating TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Syndrome to sleep disorder treatment and complete tooth restoration.

True “21st-Century” Health Practices

More and more people cease to be patients and become partners in their personal and family healthcare decisions. The “latest and greatest” practices are, in fact, millennia old, proven formulas for maintaining or restoring optimal health. With Breiner’s complementary medical-dental practice under a single roof, you receive the best of modern science and natural healing methods, combined in a warm and welcoming experience. Contact The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center today and set an appointment to discuss your individual situation.

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