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Why Detoxify? 

Detoxification is one of those buzz words often heard these days. What is all the hoopla about, and why would you even consider a detoxification protocol? Firstly, we are living in a time when we are exposed to more environmental toxins than ever before in human history; and our standard coping mechanisms are stressed from the overload. Secondly, the nutrients and other co-factors that typically aid the body in the detoxification process are entering our bodies in much smaller quantities than ever before.

The doctors at Whole-Body Medicine help our patients remove the toxins from their systems and restore their optimal health. While each case is unique, the following is an overview of what you can expect from the Whole-Body Detox Plan.

Detoxification is an essential step on the journey to better health and wellness.


We all lead busy lives, and most people tend to eat poorly to varying degrees. Eating the wrong foods is unhealthy and stresses our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to give the most critical organ system in your body a well-deserved vacation. We are speaking of none other than the digestive system.

Day in and day out, your mouth, stomach, pancreas, small intestines, large intestines, and various glands breakdown and absorb the foods we ingest. These organs do their best, but between the refined carbohydrates and greasy saturated fatty foods, their task is a difficult one. Just as you like to kick back and take it easy at times, our body’s digestive organs need to do the same.

To accomplish this, you must remove foods that cause the most reactivity within the body, processed and refined foods, and sources of toxins, like pesticide-sprayed produce. This restricted diet, combined with individually selected supplemental support, helps the gut relax and heal.

The Liver 

The other major system that needs to be addressed is the detoxification system; this system includes the liver, skin, and lymphatics. Your liver, located under the right side of your rib cage, is the organ responsible for taking all environmental toxins (including food, medicines, environmental chemicals, etc..) and toxins released from normal cellular processes, and converting them into harmless by-products that get excreted in the feces and urine. Certain foods that you eat on your Whole-Body Detox Plan will make the liver’s job a bit easier. Sometimes specific botanicals and homeopathic medicines may be used to stimulate the liver gently.


Your skin is not just apart of your outer appearance; it is also another vehicle through which your body excretes toxins. While these toxins are excreted in the form of sweat, the skin is also absorbent. As you may already know, the skin can absorb certain medicines. It is, therefore, logical to introduce site-specific and natural nutrients by applying them to your skin. Whether or not you have skin-related issues, it is essential to take care of your skin.

Colon Health 

To rid your body of toxins, you must have healthy bowel movements. If you are constipated, (you don’t go after just about every meal, i.e., 1-3 time per day), then the toxins your body should be excreting will accumulate on the colon walls. These toxins will eventually be absorbed into your bloodstream, a further insult to your body. To avoid these problems, we recommend that most patients undergo colonic hydrotherapy while detoxing. Colon hydrotherapy is a time-tested, safe, and gentle way to “clean house” and restore normal gut motility.

Metabolic Individuality 

Once you have completed the detoxification phase of your wellness plan, we can test to see what foods you should eat or avoid. For this analysis, we use a testing process called Metabolic Typing. The concept behind metabolic typing is the fact that one man’s food can be another man’s poison. Each has his or her unique biochemical metabolism. For example, not everyone who is osteoporotic needs to take calcium. For some, calcium may make their osteoporosis worse!

Tailored To You

At Whole-Body Medicine, we recognize that every person is unique, and that not every part of the Whole-Body Detox Plan is appropriate for every patient. That is why we will tailor the plan to meet your specific needs. We may be more precise regarding which foods you should eat or avoid. The medicines we prescribe for you will focus on the goals unique to your case. If indicated, we may utilize other therapies at our clinic such as phototherapy or hyperbaric oxygen to aid the body in its healing process.

In Conclusion 

Please follow the doctor’s instructions as carefully as possible. Try to avoid significant stressors and try to prevent interruptions in your daily routine (like extended travel) while on the Whole Body Detox Plan. It is also essential to get the right amount of sleep each night. Sleep is your body’s time to heal, and that requires that you get enough rest. Breathing exercises and or meditation can also be a helpful way to bring your mind and body into a relaxed and healing state.

One final note: Drink plenty of pure water. Eight to ten 8oz. glasses of water per day will help your body eliminate the toxins. Never drink tap water; drink filtered water or spring water. Whichever water you select, make sure it does not contain any added fluoride or chlorine.

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