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How do we test for Biomagnetic Pairs?

Holistic healthcare is based on the premise of treating the body as a whole, rather than treating each part separately. As you read through many of the services and therapies on our website, you will begin to understand our whole-body approach to wellness.

How do our doctors decide which therapy or treatment is best for you? Of course, it all starts with a comprehensive exam, health history, and, if necessary, diagnostic testing that uncovers how your body is working. Our doctors are often like detectives unraveling the obstacles present in your body, preventing you from enjoying good health. These obstacles may be toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, infections, and even stress, worry, and lack of sleep. We also learn about you on a micronutrient level, pinpointing missing nutrients or micro-nutrients that your body needs for optimal function. We have the added benefit of understanding and utilizing energy medicine, sometimes called vibrational medicine. Holistic doctors often use energy medicine both to investigate imbalances, detect problems with the energetic connections in your body, and sometimes even help to correct these imbalances. If you have read about the mouth-body relationship in our dental pages, you will soon understand the meridian connections throughout the body.

A Look at Biomagnetism

Biomagnetism is a hands-on therapy that is holistic in approach, perfectly safe, and scientifically based. As holistic practitioners, we seek to remove “Obstacles to Cure.” Biomagnetism can help remove some of those obstacles. Biomagnetism helps to restore the body’s homeostasis so that the body can begin to heal itself.

Like many modern medical discoveries and technologies, the space program was the genesis of Biomagnetism. In the 1980’s the chief medical doctor for the astronauts, Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, discovered that when the astronauts came back from space, their right leg was shorter than their left leg by approximately ¼ – ¾ inch. This strange leg discrepancy was not the case before their space journey. Dr. Broeringmeyer figured out that this was a result of the astronauts being away from the earth’s magnetic field!

Mexican physician, Dr. Goiz Duran was intrigued when he heard about the relationship of the leg discrepancy to the earth’s magnetic field, and he began thinking in terms of positive and negative. He started research into a theory on “magnetic pairs” – positive and negative. By placing a negative pole of a magnet to a specific point on the body, Dr. Goiz was able to reproduce the “astronaut” leg discrepancy that occurred being away from the earth’s magnetic field during space travel.

Dr. Goiz placed a positive pole of a magnet to specific points on the body while leaving the negative pole magnet in place; this caused the shortened leg to regain its normal length! This discovery confirmed his hypothesis of magnetic pairs. Dr. Goiz is now considered the “Father of Biomagnetic Pairing,” having discovered over 200 Biomagnetic Pairs.

pH & Biomagnetism

Holistic medicine understands that for your body to function optimally, a proper pH must be maintained. Ideally, our bodies should be slightly alkaline. Less than optimal pH leads to cellular aging, pain, inability to heal correctly, infections, and general ill-health. Healing with Voltage. Your diet is a crucial factor in maintaining proper pH. Popular foods like soda, processed foods, cheese, artificial sweeteners, and even stress and worry can affect your pH. The pH of the water you drink is also essential.  Three Essential Requirements for Healthy Drinking Water.

The importance of Dr. Goiz’s Biomagnetic Pairs becomes apparent when coupled with a less than optimal pH. Dr. Goiz helped to restore the body’s homeostasis (balance) by placing magnets of at least 1000 to 4000 gauss (refrigerator magnets are 50 gausses) on specific points of the body in “pairs.” One side of a magnet is the negative side, and the other side of a magnet is the positive side. The magnetic field of the applied magnets affects hydrogen ions and thus the pH in the cells and structures. The effect of having a magnetic field created by having a positive and negative pole, when placed in pairs on specific points on the body, helps to normalize the pH at these points.

It is important to understand the effect of a magnetic field.

Dr. Goiz discovered that pathogens, as they enter our body, gravitated to specific anatomical locations; many of these locations are “known locations” that are specific to each pathogen.

These associated locations are called a Biomagnetic Pair.

Bacteria and parasites favor an alkaline environment, whereas viruses and fungi reside in acidic environments. Pathogens thrive in these locations. Placing the magnet of proper polarity on each point causes opposite charges (H+ and OH-) to push towards each other, resulting in proper pH, which leads to a nonsurvivable environment for pathogens. Health requires a proper pH. Fungi and viruses thrive in an acid pH (less than 7.3), and bacteria and parasites love an alkaline pH (greater than 7.3). Restoring the proper pH creates an inhospitable environment for pathogens as well as improving immune function, reducing inflammation, and creating homeostasis.

Dr. Goiz uncovered an interdependent relationship between viruses and fungi. Viruses provide the acidic environment for fungi to propagate. Eliminate the viruses, and the fungi will no longer have an acidic environment in which to thrive. The same basics apply to bacteria and parasites. Parasites feed on bacteria, and therefore removal of the bacteria is necessary to eliminate the parasites.

We need to identify organs or tissues that are out of normal polarity. A variation of Applied Kinesiology (AK) or muscle testing is a simple way for a Biomagnetic practitioner to scan and identify these organs or tissues.  Usually, AK is performed on the deltoid muscles when the patient is standing. However, during a biomagnetism session, the patient typically lies on a therapy table to allow for easy placement of magnets. Here the leg length is observed. Instead of applying pressure to individual muscles, the patient lays on a treatment table, and in response to a question, a “yes” answer will result in the shortening of one leg. A “no” reply results in no change in leg length. The practitioner can scan the body from head to toe by asking verbally or non-verbally if there is a problem in specific organs or tissues and observing changes in leg length.

The practitioner needs to look for “Biomagnetic Pairs.” Some pairs are “known pairs,” having been discovered by Dr. Goiz and other practitioners of Biomagnetic Therapy. For example, Lyme Disease is associated with two specific points on the body; one being the Liver Coastal Margin point and the other being the Liver point. This pairing is known as Liver Costal Margin-Liver. The practitioner can verify this pair by placing the negative pole of the magnet on the clothing over the Liver Coastal Margin. One leg would shorten. The positive pole of another magnet is placed on the clothing over the Liver point; if the patient’s feet instantaneously become even, this confirms that this is indeed a correct pair. If the legs do not become even, one must look for a different pairing. Some organs/tissues have one recognized pairing, and some can have multiple pairings. Some patients have what is called Special Pairs, which are unique to the individual, and the practitioner must play detective and look for these Special Pairs.

Biomagnetic Sessions

Patients generally feel good during and after a Biomagnetic session. Many patients report a feeling of being lighter and more energetic. Quite a few patients begin to feel profound tiredness during the session and may even fall asleep. Some have sensations of their body adjusting and releasing restrictions, both physically and energetically. However, if you don’t feel anything, that is ok too.

Like many holistic modalities, the use of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BPT) is often a case of “peeling back the layers” (like peeling an onion), and successive BPT sessions can undercover and treat pathogens that now emerge. Some sessions are short and targeted, while others require longer or multiple visits. An example of a short-targeted session would be the use of magnets to help facilitate healing and alleviation of pain after tooth extraction. An example of a lengthier session or multiple visits would be treating Lyme Disease and its’ co-infections. At times a patient may be given instructions on the placement of a particular pair of magnets for use at home.

How many visits will it take to see results?

In treating everyone as an individual, we have found that specific treatments may benefit some conditions more favorably, and, as such other adjunctive therapies may be used with Biomagnetism, or instead of Biomagnetism. Targeted or customized IV Therapy is an example of a supportive therapy that may be recommended for particular conditions and used in conjunction with BPT. Every patient is a puzzle, and in our experience, some keys are better at unlocking the puzzle. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy may be one of the keys we want to use by itself or with other adjunctive therapies, or maybe not at all. At our health center, we have many tools in our toolbox.

Many patients start to feel results after their very first BPT session. Typically, over three to five visits, as the pathogens are removed and proper pH restored, the organs, glands, and tissues begin to self-heal.

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