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The Breiner Whole Body Health Center

New Canaan, about one hour’s train ride from New York City, was founded as a farm town, became a center of early American shoe manufacturing then a showplace of architectural innovation and has settled into the peaceful existence of bedroom communities along Connecticut’s “gold coast”, where busy commuters set aside the hustle and bustle and recharge their batteries.

Oh, that life was always that simple! Some problems simply can’t be fixed with a pastoral view and a tall cold one on the porch. When those serious situations arise, you need serious skills — you need the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in neighboring Fairfield.

Holistic Medicine

For millennia, physicians had nothing to work with except what nature provided. It worked then, and it still works today, when applied by the doctors and staff of the Breiner Center. Naturopathic medicine (whole body medicine) utilizes the healing power of nature along with modern technologies to aid one’s innate healing abilities to achieve your full health and wellness potential.
  •  Natural healing begins with proper diet and nutrition. At Whole-Body Medicine, we can test the micronutrients in your body, food allergies/sensitivities, as well as your genetic profile to help you learn what foods and supplements are best for you.
  • Whether you want a quick boost to your immune system, or to increase cellular energy, intravenous nutrients are the way to go. Bypassing the digestive process, IV Therapy delivers 100% pure quality nutrients to your cells.
  • A calm mind allows the body to heal. However, many people suffer from anxiety or depression which interferes with our capacity to heal. Measuring dysregulations in the brain with an EEG (electroencephalogram), we can help guide one’s brain waves back to a healthy state.
  • Oxygen, the source of life on this planet, when infused into the body at a pressure greater than normal atmospheric pressure, can bring new life to areas once thought lost to disease and injury. Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps with recovery from a wide range of neurological and other health challenges.
  • Plants are nature’s medicine cabinet. With hundreds of phytochemicals contained in just one plant, botanical medicines can have a profound, and yet less harmful, effect than their pharmaceutical counterparts.
This is whole-body medicine, letting every part of “us” work as it was designed to function — to support every other aspect of “us.” Research has shown that the full-spectrum approach can vastly improve the treatment of many medical conditions. The Breiner Center offers medical, dental and neurological therapies that deal effectively with numerous health concerns.

Holistic Dentistry

Just as “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, the teeth can be the pathway to excellent health or a Pandora’s Box of dental-based disasters.  In no other medical discipline do we find practitioners working with the same tools and materials as they used 150 years ago. Certainly, hygiene has improved, and the equipment is fancier, but we still stuff teeth with alloys containing mercury — a known poison. A century of dental research has also shown how important oral health is to overall health. For example, periodontal disease has been associated with higher risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, premature birth and more. Also called integrative dentistry or whole-body dentistry, holistic dentistry treats the whole patient instead of just the mouth. Led by Dr. Mark Breiner, one of the original pioneers in holistic dentistry, we offer a full-range of dental services, some of these services include treating bite problems; sleep breathing disorders; mercury (silver) filling replacement; uncovering hidden infections in the mouth, evaluation of root canals and cavitations and biocompatible dentistry.

The Partnership: Ancient Modern Practitioner Person

Humanity evolved or was created (depending on your personal point of view) in an ecosystem; we are part of it, and we function best in harmony with it. Despite the almost-miraculous advances of modern medical sciences, more and more people realize that millennia-old, proven formulas for maintaining or restoring optimal health can be equal to or better than the “latest and greatest” scientific practices. With the Breiners’ complementary medical-dental-neurological practice under a single roof, you can take advantage of the best in modern science and natural healing, blended in a warm and welcoming experience. Contact The Breiner Whole-Body Health Center today and schedule an appointment to discuss your individual situation.

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