Award-winning technology from Vatech America is now in our Fairfield, CT office. Introducing our groundbreaking Pax i3D Green X-ray Scanner.

Dental CAT Scan - 3D Panoramic Imaging in Fairfield, CT

High quality images that are the new standard of 3D panoramic imaging; Pax-i provides the most precise and high-quality panoramic image by combining imaging processing and accumulated experience in dental imaging from Vatech.

Why Pax-i3D?

  • Provides a 3D rendering of your pertinent dental structures including the sinuses
  • Allows our office to do cephalometric tracing, which enables us to determine the proper position of your jaws to the rest of the skull
  • Offers a clean sharp panoramic image for better diagnosis
  • Acquires high quality images with low X-ray dosage with just one shot
  • Offers high resolution, low radiation CBCT device  (CB= cone beam; CT= Cat Scan)
  • Shows important anatomy with an extended arch view
  • Checks for hidden infections that are difficult to see when using 2D X-ray system
  • Provides more extended oral information on maxillary or mandibular areas.
  • Allows an accurate treatment plan to be established by taking into account the major anatomical structures like mandibular nerve, mental foraman or maxillary sinus.
  • Provides dual arch scans including TMJ
  • Offers a Powerful Function for Airway analysis (airway restriction and airway volume)
  • TMJ analysis
  • Evaluate Bone density
  • Allows evaluation of the sinuses


What does this mean for you?

  • One scan provides two images – 2D and 3D. This means you do not need to undergo two X-ray scans
  • Rapid Scan time – 5.9 seconds!
  • Ground breaking Low Radiation System Pax-i3D Green
  • High resolution, low radiation CBCT devices
  • We can analyze your teeth, roots, jaw relationship, TMJ, airway, sinuses with precise and accurate views to plan your dental treatment. (Your scan can be sent to an Implant Specialist for accurate and safe implant placement)
  • We can discover if you have a restricted airway that may cause Sleep Disordered Breathing including low oxygen levels, sleep apnea, and more.
    • Cleared by the FDA as having the lowest radiation for children

Normal Airway

Restricted Airway

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