What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a natural or holistic approach to health care. When you visit our office, you will experience both traditional naturopathic medicine as well as cutting-edge naturopathic approaches. Our diagnostic screenings and laboratory testing that we offer are leading-edge. We deal with specialty labs and have diagnostic equipment not often found in other holistic or allopathic offices. We are also experienced in energetic testing that can be supported by traditional testing methods.


What is an ND?

ND stands for Naturopathic Doctor. Licensed and Board-Certified ND’s have extensive medical training from an accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools. ND’s must complete pre-med prerequisites prior to Naturopathic Medical School and often have other advanced degrees or post-naturopathic medical school training. You can read about each of our doctors, their background and training, articles they have written, videos, etc., on this website. The ND’s in our office have had pre and post Naturopathic Medical School training that includes Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, EEG Neurofeedback, TBI and Brain Rejuvenation Protocols, Chiropractic, Biomagnetism Therapy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, and more.


What is your natural approach to health care?

While many medical professionals utilize pharmaceutical drugs, Whole-Body Medicine has an entirely different approach. Combining naturopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, energetic medicine, nutrition, intravenous therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and various methods to enhance brain function and whole-body health, Whole Body Medicine does not suppress symptoms as drug therapy does; instead, we seek to remove the impediments blocking your ability to heal and help the body recover according to the Naturopathic axiom “Vis Medicatrix Naturae”  “The Healing Power of Nature.”


Sometimes healing can be impaired due to obstacles such as toxins, chronic infections, and nutritional deficiencies, these are known as the “Obstacles to Cure.” These obstacles can also consist of bio-energetic imbalances, as well as mental or emotional obstacles. We seek to identify and remove those obstacles that are impeding your body from returning to optimal health.

Is Naturopathic Medicine the same as Homeopathy?

No. Naturopaths are trained in homeopathy, and they often use homeopathy and other modalities in helping their patients. Naturopaths have very comprehensive training in many subjects such nutrition, botanical medicine, physical manipulation, clinical diagnosis, physiology, pathology and other areas. Our office routinely uses many modes of energy medicine, homeopathy being one of them.

Does Connecticut have a Naturopathic Board?

Yes. Connecticut maintains a Naturopathic Medical Board. Advance Continuing Education is required. At this time Connecticut-based Naturopaths can order most diagnostic and laboratory tests, however, they do not prescribe drugs.

What should I do prior to my initial visit?

Complete your health forms; bring copies of any recent lab testing and type your health narrative as requested. If you are coming in for any type of brain or cognitive concern and will be having a baseline EEG (electroencephalogram), try to eat some protein and be well rested prior to your baseline. Arrive in advance of your scheduled appointment time. Please allow for unexpected traffic.


What can I expect at my initial Naturopathic office visit?

Depending on your health concern you may have been scheduled for a complete initial examination. This appointment is comprehensive and may take anywhere from 1-2 hours. You and your doctor will discuss your current health status and the goals you would like to achieve.  Many patients are interested in fine-tuning and maintaining their health and vitality as a part of an anti-aging strategy. Others may have more serious ailments, ranging from neurological conditions to an unexplained decline in overall health and wellness. In addition to reviewing your medical history, a physical examination will be performed. Recommended diagnostic testing will be discussed and/or performed.


Are all your first visit appointments this long?

No. If you are coming to see us for a colonic, you will have a pre-colonic screening exam with a doctor and this appointment will be approximately 30 minutes. If you are coming in with a simpler health concern you may also have a shorter initial visit. The office staff will customize your appointment according to your needs.


What can I expect at my first visit if I have had a head trauma such as a concussion, stroke or TBI?

We offer a variety of cutting-edge therapies and diagnostic tools aimed at healing the injured brain and boosting brain performance. Diagnostics such as qEEG with sLoreta with Brain Imaging, Neurocognitive Testing, Balance Tracking and others help to assess your condition as well as aid in treatment planning. Your initial visit may take a different direction than someone else who has come to be treated for other health concerns that don’t involve head trauma.


Do your doctors confer with each other as well as with other practitioners?

Yes. One of the advantages to being part of a health center is the ability to bring in other practitioners to offer their expertise. You may be asked if one of our therapists or doctors can step in the room if their schedule permits and coincides with your visit. All patient health concerns are private and confidential. Additionally, we refer to practitioners from other specialties if indicated.

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