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As a holistic dentist, Dr. Mark A. Breiner views himself as a partner in his patient’s overall health and wellness plan. His innovative approach combines the use of leading-edge technology with a sound and broad, holistic strategy for healthy living, thus, minimizing invasive procedures which so often occur in traditional dentistry. As an author, lecturer, educator, and consultant, Dr. Mark A. Breiner is breaking ground in the world of integrative and complementary dentistry. To his patients, he is their champion for helping them discover the missing pieces to better health.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic or Integrative Dentistry means treating the whole patient rather than just the patient’s mouth or teeth.  Holistic dentists take an inter-disciplinary approach to healthcare.  They view the patient in totality, body, mind, and spirit.  Integrative dentistry is becoming more widely accepted by other health practitioners on a global level, primarily based on the fact that consumers are demanding alternatives to achieve optimum wellness.  The whole-body approach to dentistry should be a part of your long-term plan for the best possible quality of life.  When seeking holistic dentists, it’s best to ask the following questions (click here).

Whole-Body Dentistry in Fairfield, CT

As with any other discipline, holistic dentists obtain a comprehensive patient history and perform a complete dental examination of the patient to determine the best treatment possible.  Holistic dentists communicate openly and clearly with patients so that the patient is playing an integral role in their health and wellness plan.  Additionally, holistic dentists often consult with their patient’s other practitioners, therefore making more informed decisions about the treatment best suited for the patient’s overall well-being.

Taking a Whole-Body Energetic View

Holistic Dentists understand the connection of the mouth to the rest of the body. Each tooth sits on an acupuncture meridian and relates energetically to various organs, tissues, muscles, and vertebrae. This connection is a two-way street; a tooth and its surrounding structures can affect that which it relates to on the meridian or vice versa. Understanding this connection is what leads holistic dentists to view treating oral health as a means of affecting the health of the entire body.

A whole-body approach to dentistry recognizes that oral infections and toxins can cause oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. For example, root canals, cavitations, and periodontal disease can be a source of toxins that migrate elsewhere in the body. Dental materials used in fillings, crowns, implants, and other dental procedures can also be a source of immunological reactions in individuals. Not only is it essential to know how to test for these stressors, but also how to mitigate them.

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A whole-body approach to dentistry also understands that energetic changes can manifest before physical changes occur and that these underlying imbalances should be addressed before any significant dentistry takes place. It’s important to remember that every patient is an individual and needs to be treated as such. Not everyone wants or needs to have a root-canaled tooth extracted, and not every missing tooth needs to be replaced with an implant.

Educating the patient so that they can be active participants in their health care decisions is an essential aspect of holistic dentistry. The whole-body approach to dentistry has led many patients to improvement in energy, headaches, chronic fatigue, neck problems, sleep breathing disorders, and much more.  

There is no ‘alternative’ to living healthy and well, and while there are some in conventional medicine who are not in agreement with the innovative approaches of WHOLE-BODY DENTISTRY, patients who benefit from the care of a holistic dentist will tell you that their quality of life has improved because of their decision to take the unconventional route.

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