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Whether it be for prevention or treatment of any viral infection, intake of Vitamin C should be high on the list of things to do.


Dr. Adam Breiner talks about why get an IV infusion to help boost the immune system, especially now with the Coronavirus spreading worldwide.

Intravenous Vitamin C & Viral Infections (Focus on COVID-19)

Breiner Whole-Body Health Center in Fairfield, CT is committed to communicating information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) to our patients.



The Coronavirus Pandemic is not only the number one topic to discuss but has affected every aspect of our daily lives in ways that most could not have imagined.

Get Ready to Experience a Powerful Nutrient Immune Boost. 

Yes, we also offer high-dose Vitamin C IV’s to help boost your immune system. Fight off viruses with immune-boosting IV’s. Call for availability and any special discounts.

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I was prescribed Hyperbaric oxygen treatment for Lyme disease, The hospital nearby with the equipment didn't even know it was used for Lyme so I needed to find a facility that that was up to speed on medicine. I chose Breiner because they are very knowledgeable and personable, they even asked what my favorite TV show was and she played it for me during my sessions. They call you by your first name after first visit. Did 20 treatments and same great experience every time. This is not a traditional medical facility, very leading edge and diagnostic. They offer alot of other medical and dental services, They answer the phone. If you leave a message they call back within an hour..
Reed Risteen
Reed Risteen
22:42 13 Nov 19
Dr Adam Breiner is extemely knowledgeable and caring in his approach to my medical issues. His ability to detect imbalaces in the body and to correct them with natural remedies like supplements, homeopathy, nutritional IVs, and other technologies is truly impressive. I highly recommend him to those seeking answers to their more complex problems that perhaps traditional physicians have not been very successful in treating.
David Johnston
David Johnston
11:46 24 Aug 19
Caring and knowledgeable doctors and staff! Always willing to help and explain things so you leave there with a better understanding of your health, your goals, and your plan. I trust them with my family and recommend them to all of my friends, especially those who are tired of the traditional route and lack of answers to their health questions.
17:07 27 Feb 19
It was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! I loved Holly and the first woman who gave me my pre screen!!! I will definitely be back. I love it there. I wish I was a millionaire I’d live there!!!🙏❤️😇✌🏼Janice Markey
Janice Markey
Janice Markey
14:31 05 Apr 19
If you’re looking for a mental/physical reset to restore your health, Dr. Adam Breiner does a great job restoring overall health to your body. Patience and cooperation is required on your behalf but if you follow his directions you will see noticeable results.
Jin Kang
Jin Kang
21:32 19 Mar 19
As a Lyme disease fighter, I feel this is just another place that overcharges those suffering from chronic illness. The fees are outrageous part of which obviously goes toward the swanky decor. I was sold ridiculously expensive deodorant stick (which I still have no idea what for) and lightning infused water.... blindly purchasing them because I was in a desparate state. My first visit cost @ $1200 and I got no treatment plan or anything of value...except the recommendation to see their in-house energy healer who had zero online presence and no bio or resume. After my visit to the ND Breiner I went over to the dentist Breiner who claimed I had a cavitation which could be responsible for some of my symptoms. After blowing $800 for one visit with him, I went to the surgeon he recommended to resolve the cavitation and the surgeon said I don't have a cavitation and need to take no action. Ironically my visit to the surgeon only cost $120. But it was all for nothing. This place gets two stars just because they do have a nice facility with treatments that are hard to find around here (ozone, colonic, etc)...if you can afford to go. But I'd stay away if you're not very wealthy.
Erik Ferjentsik
Erik Ferjentsik
01:08 25 Feb 19

Whole-Body Dentistry

Caring for your oral health is about much more than a pretty smile—at least it should be.

If you’re looking for better health, you may have to look no further than your mouth. Your mouth has a significant impact on your overall health. Holistic dentistry recognizes the physical and energetic connection between the health of your mouth and overall wellness. You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth, and you can’t have a healthy mouth without a healthy body.

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Whole-Body Medicine

Enhance your body’s own ability to recover, renew, and revitalize.

Attain a higher level of health and wellness through natural healing modalities. At Whole-Body Medicine, we seek to remove the impediments blocking your ability to heal and help you recover according to the Naturopathic axiom “Vis Medicatrix Naturae” – “The Healing Power of Nature.” We combine natural therapies and the latest in science to support and to attain whole-body health.

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Whole-Body IV Solutions

Delivering 100% pure quality nutrients to your cells.

Whole-Body IV Solutions offers numerous IV infusions. These custom infusions target what your body may require in times of stress or sickness, as well as promoting general health and wellness. You will find that intravenous therapy is a fast, safe, and potent way to administer the nutrients you need.

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The NeuroEdge

There is nothing more important than keeping your brain healthy.

When you improve your brain’s performance, you’ll not only think more clearly and feel better overall; you’ll unleash your full potential. You may even find that you’re able to change old habits and limiting beliefs, break free from fear, revitalize relationships, and find greater satisfaction in every aspect of your life. The most significant barriers to your best life may all be in your head—and with the help of The NeuroEdge Brain Performance Center, you can break them down and move forward.

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When you sit in the dentist’s chair, you expect the exam to uncover issues in the mouth—and the mouth only.

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