Your initial exam at Whole-Body Dentistry is quite comprehensive. Please plan on spending approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes for your initial dental appointment.

Prior to your initial appointment our office will send Health Forms and a detailed Questionnaire surveying your health symptoms. You will also be asked to write a list and/or a Narrative of both your dental history, as well as your medical history. Please be sure to bring these completed forms and your narrative with you to your initial appointment or even better, please send your completed forms back to us prior to your appointment. Please DO NOT wait to complete your forms when you arrive at our office!

Please read the article included in your new patient packet, “You Look Like an Egg to Me.” Watch the video on EAV testing. Acupuncture points on the toes will be tested, so ladies, please wear socks, not pantyhose. Also, please refrain from wearing any perfumes or aftershave, cologne, etc. – many of the Health Center patients are chemically sensitive.  If you have had any x-rays taken within the last 12 months, please have them forwarded to our office prior to your appointment. If they are digital x-rays, you may ask the dental office sending them to email these images, well in advance of your appointment.

Arriving for your initial Dental Examination appointment

Please allow Extra Time in case of traffic. Dr. Breiner does not like to rush, and he wants to have all the time necessary for your initial appointment. Before you see Dr. Breiner, an assistant will take cavity-detecting x-rays as well as a 3D scan of your head. This 3D scan will help in looking for hidden infections, evaluating your sinuses and nasal cavity. The scan will also help in the evaluation of your airway; many people have an undiagnosed breathing disorder including obstructive sleep apnea. The scan is also helpful is assessing neck alignment. The assistant will also check your blood pressure and heart rate.

Initial Dental Visit at Whole Body Dentistry in Fairfield, CT

Once this the above information is completed, you will meet with Dr. Breiner.

Dr. Breiner will meet with you in his private office to go over your dental and medical health history. The purpose of this conversation, that can typically last 20 – 50 minutes, is for Dr. Breiner to get to know why you are here, and what your priorities are. He is also playing “dental detective,” trying to fit all the pieces together.  

  1.  Your 3D scan will be evaluated to determine if you have a restricted airway problem. (A full evaluation of your 3D scan requires about 30 minutes and will be studied after you leave).
  2. A determination will be made if you have a Temporomandibular Joint Problem (TMJ). This is also known as Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD).   Dr. Breiner will try to determine what effects this may be having on your overall system.
  3. An examination of your gingiva (gums) for periodontal disease will be performed.  A sample of your plaque from under your gums will be acquired and observed under a high-power microscope to look for parasites as well as the type of bacteria associated with periodontal disease and other systemic problems.
  4. An examination of your teeth will look for cavities, mobility, signs of clenching, or bruxing (grinding).
  5. A special cancer screening light will be used to look for any suspicious areas inside your mouth.
  6. Due to the fact that root canals, by definition, are chronically infected it is important to note which teeth have root canals, as this will factor into your treatment decisions.
  7. Measurements of electric currents generated by metals (from silver fillings, crowns, or other metals) in the mouth will be taken.
  8. Neck and postural issues will be evaluated.
  9. Check for tongue tie.
  10. Check for abnormal swallowing patterns.
  11. If you are experiencing mouth pain, the source will be explored at this time.

After the physical exam, you will return to Dr. Breiner’s office and EAV testing will be performed. The purpose of this test is to determine how toxic you are, what you are toxic with, and their level(s), and the best order in which to eliminate your toxins. This is the physical level. (See “You Look Like An Egg to Me”).

Forty points on the fingers and toes are tested to determine the main imbalances. Dr. Breiner is also further refining his thoughts on a remedy for the non-physical aspect of your overall health. Dr. Breiner may, at this visit, test your root canals to see if they are having an adverse impact on your health. Also, he may check to see if cavitations are present. If you are coming to have your mercury silver fillings removed, it will be determined if your system is ready to safely remove your amalgam fillings. After the initial visit, patients will usually leave with some homeopathics to address a specific toxin such as heavy metals, pesticides, etc., as well as with a homeopathic remedy for general well-being. If a treatment plan at this time is indicated, Dr. Breiner will study your case, and you will be called. If further testing or evaluation is necessary, that will be explained, and if you are being treated to reduce a level of toxins, e.g., pesticides, a follow up visit will be scheduled in approximately 4 weeks to determine if the toxic level is now down to an acceptable amount.

We are sure you will appreciate your initial visit as patients tell us that this appointment is far more thorough and unique than what they have ever experienced. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to better health.

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