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Analyzing Skin Temperature for Early Detection of Disease: The Science of Regulation Thermometry

Our clinic offers AlfaSight ,TM a non-invasive medical thermometry tool that provides solutions to physicians to discover and remediate disease.  Based on the science of regulation thermography, which was used in Germany more than 25 years ago, the Alfa Thermodiagnostics company has engineered an FDA-cleared, whole-body early-detection system for use as an adjunct diagnostic tool.

ALFA THERMODIAGNOSTICSThis non-invasive patient assessment tool identifies a wide range of physiological dysfunction by analyzing skin temperature changes over time. It can dramatically improve the accuracy of routine testing for a wide range of impaired health conditions when used as an adjunct technology to mammography and other anatomical imaging devices. The AlfaSight system provides a visual representation of the responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system, which can uncover the causal factors of many diseases.

Also, this state-of-the-art health testing system identifies physiological dysfunction very early in the disease process. Using a subtle thermal stress stimulus that initiates a regulation response, underlying disturbances and dysfunctional organ systems are revealed with a high degree of accuracy.

Following is a list of some of the organ and tissue patterns that can be accurately recognized by the ALFA System:

•    Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes (Pancreas)

•    Breast (Breast Health, Cystic Changes)

•    Liver Disease and Function

•    Endocrine Function (pituitary/thyroid/ovary)

•    Cardiac Function (Efficiency, Electrophysiology)

•    Brain and Headache

•    Dental Infections

•    Structural Integrity (Neuromuscular)

•    Pulmonary Function

•    Viral and Bacterial Disease Monitoring

The system can also identify parallel disease factors accompanying many conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cognitive disorders, and viral diseases. Early stage detection of such factors is critical.  The AlfaSight 9000TM is an adjunct diagnostic device as further clinical tests must be performed.

Data from more than 100,000 patient assessments over the past three decades is used in the thermometry system. Disease signatures have been derived from the data and correlated with nuclear-CT (SPECT) and MRI studies that were performed by Dr. David Hickey, radiologist and a member of the Alfa Medical Team, in his Dallas-based imaging center.
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