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Cavitations – Silent Problems in Your Jaw – Part II

Last month we started our discussion about Cavitations: “Cavitations – Part 1”. A quick review: Cavitations are holes in the bone often where teeth have been extracted; they can occur in any bone in the body but are most frequently found in the jawbone. In addition to extraction sites, cavitations are often found around root canal teeth. […]
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Cavitations – Part I

“I have no mercury in my mouth, my body levels of mercury test low, and I have no root canals, but I am still not feeling well. Dr. Breiner, what do you think is going on?” When confronted with such a patient, I find the underlying problem is often a cavitation. A cavitation is a […]
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TMJ: The Great American Headache

Can you imagine having such dizziness, head and chest pain that you have to go to the emergency room? Not once – but on a regular basis because the only relief you were given was an injection to knock you out. Imagine the despair when doctor after doctor told you that there was nothing they […]
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