Why Some Holistic Dentists Think I am Not Holistic

July, 2013

Some holistic dentists and physicians believe that every root canal needs to be extracted, no exceptions. Some feel that every third molar extraction site needs to be surgically exposed. Because I do not believe this, some of these dentists believe that I am not a true-blue holistic dentist.

My approach to dentistry is all encompassing and takes into account the whole body. I believe that dentistry is an extremely important part of attaining excellent health; however I do not believe that it is the only part. Using EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll) and homeopathy I can often "bypass" a root canal or cavitation. There are also conservative ways of addressing a root canal or cavitation when they cannot be "bypassed." Let me elaborate.

Most of the patients that I treat come because they are ill. During the initial visit their problems are discussed and then a thorough dental exam is performed. Approximately half the time I will find a TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) problem that is having an adverse impact on their whole body. Root canals and periodontal problems may also be present. After the dental exam, an EAV evaluation will be conducted and there will be further discussion of the patient's symptoms.

As I have stated before, toxins are a huge problem today. Using EAV, I have found high levels of chemicals/solvents, pesticides and heavy metals in most of my patients. Mold/fungus and parasites are also a problem for many others. While viruses and bacteria, etc. can also be present; they are less common than those previously mentioned. I typically do not test the root canals or check for cavitations at this point. Most root canals will test as a problem when a person is very toxic. This finding often changes when the toxic load is decreased and homeopathic treatment has begun.

Picture the body as a balance scale, where one side is weighed down by toxins, TMD, cavitations, mercury fillings, root canals, stressful situations (or those perceived as such), inherited traits, periodontal disease, and various health problems, etc. As we unload the weighted down side of the scale and add to the other side by providing good diet, proper nutrients, homeopathic treatment, etc., the scale and, thus, the body move toward balance. When the scale is in balance, some negative things may remain on the previously weighted down side of the scale, but they are now held in check. Often a root canal can be "bypassed" in this manner.

I visualize treatment at two levels, one is at an outer physical level, and the other is at an inner energetic level. The outer physical level is the level of toxins, mercury fillings, bad bite, etc. If you had a broken arm or bad heart valve you would fix it. Treatment at this outer physical level is straightforward and usually easily addressed. The toxins can be removed predictably and fairly quickly using homeopathic liquids (which are low potency combinations of various homeopathic remedies). I utilize three bottles of such liquids. One of the bottles helps support the liver, the kidney and intercellular energy. The other two bottles work on decreasing specific types of toxins, like heavy metals or pesticides. Using EAV testing, I am able to prioritize the order in which to address the toxins and various other problems. With EAV I can quantify and monitor toxic levels as well as the progress being made.

At the same time the outer physical level is being addressed, the deeper inner level must also be dealt with. By addressing both the inner and outer levels, the scale is often balanced enough that the negative effects of root canals and cavitations are "bypassed". When the scale is more in balance, using EAV testing, I can test each extraction site and each root-canaled tooth. At this point all may test well or, if a patient has three root canals, two may test well. The patient will then have to decide whether or not to have the one bad root canal extracted. If the patient does not want to remove the offending tooth, there is one more option to "bypass" this tooth. A tiny quartz crystal can be implanted into the root-canaled tooth.

The crystal will have imprinted into it specific frequencies which have been found to be beneficial with EAV testing. Often this approach will negate the bad frequencies being given off by the root-canaled tooth. If this approach fails, the patient is told to seriously consider removal of the tooth. I also warn my patients that even though the root canal or cavitation areas test well today, that may not always be the case. If their health changes, further homeopathic treatment and assessment plus an evaluation of the root canals and cavitation areas may be needed.

I hope I have given you a clearer understanding of why I do not approach the problem of root canals and cavitations as being one-dimensional. I also want to stress the importance of treating each person on an individual basis. Even if I believed that every root canal should be extracted, some people do not want to lose a tooth. Removal of a front tooth in a 20-year-old female could have a devastating psychological impact! My philosophy stems from the excellent results I have achieved when bringing patients to high levels of health. Am I holistic? I will let you be the judge.

For the past year I've been studying and utilizing a certain method to reach the deeper inner core level which often eluded me when utilizing the traditional classical homeopathic approach. In my next newsletter, I will discuss my approach for treating the inner core and share some of the results of this treatment strategy. I urge you to read the chapter on homeopathy in my book or the articles on homeopathy from past newsletters so you will better understand the next e-zine.