Not everyone associates their overall health with dentistry. When we start to look at how interconnected the entire body is, it becomes apparent that much of a person’s overall health can be determined by using a meridian tooth chart and examining the condition of the teeth and the surrounding structures.

For those in the Fairfield, CT area, you can go to the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center and see Dr. Mark Breiner, a dentist who understands the energetic relationship of how your mouth relates to the rest of your body. Here are five must-know facts about meridian tooth charts to get you started.

  1. Definition Of A Meridian

An acupuncture  meridian is an energy highway. There are various routes connecting the different organs and tissues throughout the body.

  1. How Teeth Connect To The Body

Each tooth connects to a specific organ in the body via a meridian. This means the condition of one specific tooth can affect a specific organ, muscle, joint, and/or vertebra. This energy flow works in the reverse as well. For example, a problem in a given organ can manifest as pain in a specific tooth that is along the connected meridian.

  1. How A Meridian Tooth Chart Works

meridian tooth chart is a map of all the teeth showing which tooth relates to which organ, vertebrae, muscles and joints of the body. This map helps your dentist better diagnose and treat your oral health.

  1. What Your Dentist Can Determine Using A Meridian Tooth Chart

The condition of your mouth can be an indicator of your overall health. The flow of energy along a meridian is a two way street. Just as a problem focused in one tooth can affect a related organ, muscle, joint or vertebra, the reverse is also true. An excellent example, is that a person having a heart attack may have pain in the jaw. This is because the wisdom tooth area is along the heart meridian. Additionally, a problem in an upper front tooth may cause pain in the bottom of the spine.

  1. Using A Meridian Tooth Chart In Holistic Medicine and Dentistry

Because holistic medicine and dentistry treat the entire body, knowledge of a meridian tooth chart is essential in properly evaluating a patient. Tools that map the relationship of parts of the body are essential to the practice of holistic health. This is the approach taken at the Breiner Whole-Body Health Center.

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