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While I have written about cavitations in the past, this month I want to review this important topic and give an update on my experience in treating them. Cavitation is a hole in the bone, often where a tooth has been previously extracted. Cavitations can occur in any bone in the body but are most […]
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Rose had problems with acne since she was a teenager. She was now in her late thirties. Rose was referred by a physician, who suspected the presence of cavitations. Four cavitational areas were detected where teeth had been removed for orthodontic treatment when Rose was about twelve. A positive side benefit of cleaning out these […]
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Josephine was 65 years old and in constant pain from arthritis. She needed strong medication simply in order to function. When she heard me discussing root canals on a radio program, she had a sudden realization. She had been a very healthy and active woman until her knee started bothering her immediately following a root […]
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Childhood Illness

When Tiffany was three, the pedodontist recommended and placed amalgam fillings and stainless steel crowns. Immediately following the procedure, this previously healthy, active toddler fell ill and had a dramatic increase in her white cell count. They suspected leukemia and placed her in the care of an oncologist. She had not gained a pound in […]
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Tony was 28 years old and embarrassed by the rash on his arms and legs. The rash was bright red with lots of pimples. He was particularly unhappy in the summer, when short sleeved shirts and bathing suits were needed. Tony tried several types of diets and supplement regimens without the hoped for results. Cortisone […]
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