There is a big debate raging about the future of our health care system; health care costs are out of control, and some feel that having the government run healthcare will bring down those costs. I feel that changing the paradigm of medicine and dentistry is the only way to establish a true health-care system, not a disease-care system like we have now.

To demonstrate my points, I would like to share several case histories.

One of my patients was a six-year-old boy. His parents brought him in because his tooth enamel was not forming properly on his molars, and those molars were decaying. His parents wanted something to be done proactively to prevent further decay of Joseph’s teeth.

In taking his history, I noticed that Joseph exhibited a number of significant problems. He liked to eat the inside of the sheet rock walls of his house. He was also seeing a psychologist because he couldn’t control his temper, and he was attacking his siblings and parents.

If you refer to my past e-zine on the Nature of Disease, the symptoms are nature’s voice. In this case they announce the start of a long spiral downwards into poor health, probably requiring significant health care expenditures in future years. Administration of a homeopathic remedy relieved his symptoms and have placed him on the path to health; the cost was insignificant.

Louise’s insurance company spent upwards of $50,000 on fertility treatments, which were not successful. After having her amalgams removed and being detoxified with homeopathic remedies for heavy metals and other toxins, Louise was able to conceive in a few months. The cost was a fraction of $50,000. Because Louise was no longer toxic and in good health, her baby was born weighing a healthy 9 pounds, and no money had to be spent on neonatal hospital care.

Another example is Megan. Megan is presently 63 years old. She had been extremely ill for the past 20 years. Her complaints were too numerous to list; however, most troublesome were panic attacks that kept her indoors most of the time. Also she was reactive to many things, including a variety of smells and foods. She suffered from extreme fatigue, terrible joint and muscle aches over her whole body, and chronic insomnia.

Thousands upon thousands of insurance dollars were spent over the years. With removal of the metal and root canals from her mouth, detoxification of her chemicals, pesticides and metals, followed by homeopathic treatment to address her fundamental, inherited imbalances, Megan is now healthy. This means she is without disease, does not need any drugs or even supplements. She is now able to enjoy and participate in life. If the start of Megan’s problems (which subtly manifested early in life) were addressed homeopathically as a child, and if she had non-toxic Whole-Body Dentistry, the odds are that Megan would never have become chronically ill and never have needed to have all the disease-care money expended.

These examples demonstrate that real health care has the potential to save billions of dollars. More importantly, people would not have to suffer from those chronic symptoms that prevent them from fully enjoying life. This is the real debate that should be taking place – “disease” care versus “health” care.

© 2009, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. 

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