ast month I discussed my decision to make an appointment with Dr. Robert Bard for a prostate exam using his 3D Color Doppler Ultrasound. Given that my PSA levels were consistently low, I was stunned when that test revealed that I had an advanced case of prostate cancer with a possible metastasis. After the initial shock wore off, I reflected upon the things I knew about cancer.

I always tell patients or friends who have cancer that, no matter what treatment they decide upon, it must be one that they believe in. I view cancer as a systemic problem, not just a localized problem in one area, like, for example, the prostate or breast. So, whether the cancer had spread beyond that area or not, my approach to treatment would be the same. Thus, I decided not to go to Holland to see if my lymph node was cancerous, and not to go to Germany for specific prostate treatment. Instead, I decided to treat my entire system with the methods that are used here at the Breiner Center.

My son, Adam, is a gifted healer; however, I did not want to have the burden of my treatment solely on his shoulders. I called my friend Dr. Vincent Speckhart. Vince is a retired oncologist who uses the same EAV technology that we use, and he has had many successful outcomes in treating patients with cancer. In fact, he found EAV-aided treatment of cancer to be superior to most of the traditional methods he had used for years.

My wife and I flew down to his home in Virginia Beach. His EAV testing confirmed that I had cancer in the prostate with no cancer having spread outside of the prostate. He came up with a remedy and told me to take it and to have my progress checked by Adam.

In conjunction with this, I did several other things. I started Essiac tea on a daily basis.Essiac tea has been used for years in the treatment of cancer. I read Brian Peskin’s book, The Hidden Story of Cancer, and started taking a plant-based parent oil recommended in his book, (see past newsletters, The Prostate Gland, Part 1; Prostate Cancer, Common Treatments, Part 2; Prostate Cancer Alternatives, Part 3) I used detoxamin suppositories 2-3 times per week for two months.

My son gave me some hyperbaric treatments, because cancer is a disease of low cellular oxygen. I exercised regularly to further help my oxygen levels. Because cancer cells love sugar, I began to test my blood sugar first thing in the morning. This enabled me to monitor the effects of my previous day’s diet and to change what I ate in order to lower my blood sugar level.

The most critical part of my treatment was having EAV testing done every 3-4 weeks to monitor my progress and to change my remedy. Remember, the remedy is an electromagnetic signal that is imprinted into water. This remedy helps “reset” abnormal signals that are being picked up via the testing.

I was also taking an herbal preparation formulated by Dr. Bard; however EAV testing indicated that I needed much less of that preparation than had been recommended. Adam made an electromagnetic signal of this supplement, and I took that as well.

Each time Adam tested me, he found successively lower levels of cancer.

In August I had another ultrasound, which showed progress in a positive direction. By February, EAV testing showed the cancer to be at a very low level; another ultrasound agreed. By then, I was no longer checking my blood sugar and was not taking anything on a regular basis except Adam’s remedy and one glass of Essiac tea per day.By August 2009, Adam was not detecting any cancer signals. I flew down to Virginia to have Dr. Speckhart also check me, and his findings agreed with Adam’s.. In September I had Dr. Bard check me, and he found my prostate to be healthy. Since that time, I have had Adam check me with the EAV every 10-16 weeks. At my last test in August 2010, he detected a very low level signal for cancer and I began taking the appropriate remedy. An ultrasound test in September was the same as the one in September 2009.

I decided to tell you my story because I think that it is important for people to know that there are options when it comes to cancer. Does the type of treatment that I decided to pursue guarantee a successful outcome? Of course it doesn’t; however neither does the conventional approach. If EAV testing and ultrasound had indicated that I was not moving in a positive direction, I certainly would have moved in another direction. However, these two powerful tools allowed me to monitor my progress and, thus, avoid the conventional treatment, which could have left me with other problems.The word “cancer” is a scary one; so many people rush into treatment without taking the time to explore all possible avenues. I will keep you updated on my status.

© 2010, Mark A. Breiner, DDS

The information presented is for educational purposes only. You should consult a qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

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