Research Study Evaluating Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease May, 2011


In The News

In a recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology, subjects at the Denver VA Medical Center had digital panoramic X-rays taken so researchers could evaluate the relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease.
It was found that when bone loss reached 20%, the probability of coronary heart disease (CDH) doubled, as compared with those having 7.5% of bone loss. However, even at levels of bone loss between 10 and 20%, there was a positive association with CDH.

Study after study shows the relationship of periodontal disease and CHD. The regular dental hygiene visit is of paramount importance for monitoring health. Remember, also, that the use of a phase contrast microscope to check the bacterial and parasitic status of a plaque sample is critical.

A bad slide (see my past newsletters on Periodontal Disease Periodontal Disease – Bugs In Your Mouth, Periodontal Disease – A Link To Other Health Problems, and That’s In My Mouth! What Are You Going To Do About It?) means that a patient is at a higher level of risk for CHD. About half of my patients have high levels of spirochetes and amoebae, even though, often, their gums “appear” healthy! So please see your dentist regularly and, if they do not have a microscope, urge them to get one.

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