Click Here to Look at Photos of Our Hyperbaric Chamber Move

May, 2015


Step One: Solomon, hyperbaric chamber engineer, arrives to supervise the move

Step Two: Rose moves the Hyperbaric Chamber (she's strong!)

 Chamber Takes a Walk Down the Hallway

Step 3: Chamber Takes a Walk Down Hallway to the Front of the Building


 Take out WindowStep 4: Friendly doctor's office down the hall lets us take out their window (don't worry, it went back in)


 Fork Lift Coming up to Building

Step 5: Forklift coming UP to the third floor window opening


 Chamber Takes a Ride in Moving Truck

Step 6: Chamber Takes a Ride Over to New Office


Remove Window in New Office Step 7: Meanwhile Glass Experts Remove Window in New Office Building

Chamber moves UP Forklift to new officeStep 8: Forklift Moves Chamber Up to New Office Window


 Chamber Coming Through Window in New Office

Step 9: Chamber Coming Through Window of New Office


Jen Says A-OK!Step 10: Jen Says A-OK!

See you in our new location 501 Kings Hwy East in Fairfield CT soon! Thank you to Solomon, chamber engineer for supervising the move, Connecticut Plate and Art Glass, Friendly doctor's office in Suite 307 for their window exit, Meyer Moving, and of course, our own Jen and Rose.

What are Hyperbaric Chambers Used For?