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Your dental health and its connection to sleep breathing disorders

As you lay back in the dentist’s chair at the dentist’s office the last thing you are probably thinking about is the poor sleep that you have been getting recently. However, as you talk to your dentist, you begin to realize that your sleep and dental health are directly related.  How can that be, you […]
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How To Help With Anxiety and Depression in 2021

Anxiety and depression have seen a steady increase in cases in recent years. Though the two are two separate conditions, it is not uncommon for someone that has depression to also have anxiety. With an increase of cases, we have begun to hear more about depression and anxiety. But do we really know what these […]
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How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally

This year has brought with it many unique struggles and, at times, may have left you feeling like you can no longer process what is happening all around you. Even when you think you can no longer cope or stay afloat in today’s world, your immune system is continuously interpreting and fighting to keep you […]
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What Is the Difference Between Naturopathy and Homeopathy?

Many people are turning away from pharmaceuticals and are looking to find treatments in more natural ways. Naturopathy and homeopathy both aim to heal the body through holistic and natural ways. What is naturopathy: Naturopathy is a type of medical practice that focuses on finding natural ways for the body to heal itself. This is […]
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Natural Treatments for Chronic Pain

Many of you reading this article suffer from chronic pain. According to the CDC, 1 out of every 5 Americans, or about 50 million people have some form of chronic pain. Acute pain alerts us to an injury or illness. Pain is your brain’s signal telling you to stop doing the activity that caused the […]
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