The Energy Connection to Lyme Disease

Lyme patients often present as complicated cases with various symptoms that can affect a multitude of body systems.

Lyme patients are often more predictably helped by combining both Eastern and Western healing modalities.

During the initial patient visit, I use EAV testing to obtain a baseline on how the body is functioning from an energetic or electromagnetic standpoint. EAV or electrodermal screening is a modern twist on what has been utilized for thousands of years in the Eastern Healing Arts, where physicians looked at the flow of Qi (Chi) within the meridians to understand better what was going on with their patients, and how to treat them best.

EAV is an excellent tool for uncovering issues within the body’s meridian systems and detecting signals of toxins and infections.

Over 3,000 years ago, the Chinese developed a system of medicine based on the premise of Qi, Qi being the life force. “Life force” goes throughout our body and is responsible for our health and well-being, as well as our longevity. If the Qi doesn’t flow correctly and at the right time of the day, it could lead to imbalances, which eventually can manifest as disease. The Chinese now admit that outside factors like environmental influences, toxins, and infections such as the Lyme spirochete, can also block Qi. The blockage of Qi is a significant problem in both Eastern and Western medicine.

In Western medicine, the newest term for Qi is “bioelectromagnetic energy.” Electromagnetic energy can be quantified, measured, and photographed.

We have different systems in our body, such as the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and now we also recognize the “electromagnetic” system.

If we cannot achieve full-functioning of the energetic body, then healing cannot occur.

Indeed, you can have the correct diagnosis, appropriate medications (be it Eastern or Western), as well as a compliant patient. Still, if the Qi is severely blocked, healing will not follow.

About eight years ago, I met John D’Angelo. John is an expert in Traditional Japanese Reiki. Reiki falls into the genre of oriental medicine and best termed as “energy work.” Traditional Japanese Reiki differs from Western Reiki much as checkers differs from chess. The board (or the patient) is the same, but the pieces and the moves are all different. Traditional Japanese Reiki has two hundred and twenty hand positions, while in America, there are only seventeen. Traditional Chinese pulse and tongue diagnoses, as well as Byosen, an energy palpation technique, guide treatment sessions. In Japan, it can take up to six years of study and practice to become certified as a Reiki Master. There are few traditional practitioners of Japanese Reiki in the U.S.

I learned that not only was John knowledgeable in many aspects of oriental medicine and the body’s energy systems but, from working and teaching in large hospitals as a physical therapist, he had vast knowledge from a western medical perspective as well. After many hours of discussion and hands-on work together, I realized that John had a rare talent for rebalancing the energy in the body.

We began to work together with some of the most challenging cases that came into the clinic, in particular, patients who were suffering from Lyme Disease.

The results were extremely gratifying; patients who had been on Western treatments for years with little to no effect started to get better. Now, when I see patients that have an energetic blockage, I refer them to John to restore their energy flow, and then, and only then, will I begin to work on other aspects of their case.

Maggie, a young student, was one of our first neurologic Lyme cases that we treated together.

Maggie had a long list of problems that were secondary to Lyme. Severe insomnia, inability to hold a conversation, destructive behavior, and more. Both with EAV testing and with John’s assessment, we found blockages along meridian pathways feeding her brain.

With Lyme, specific systems tend to come under assault a little more than others.

From a Qi perspective, we find that the excretory organs can be problematic with Lyme disease. We can determine if a person is in an active stage of infection, or, for instance, if their brain or gall bladder is likely infected. While treating the infection, it’s essential that the excretory organs, such as the kidneys and liver, do not have their Qi blocked.

When the spirochetes die in your system, if you can’t get rid of them, they can produce toxins, and those toxins can make you sick.

After unblocking the body’s energy systems, we can introduce homeopathic medicine, botanicals, and other frequency treatments to kill the infectious microorganisms. These treatments can also ameliorate the detoxification symptoms.

In Maggie’s case, when we opened her meridian blockages, her condition began to improve. She started communicating, sleeping, and the natural antimicrobial therapies she received began to lower her infectious load.

David, a 13-year-old patient, had been suffering from tick-borne diseases such as Lyme and Bartonella. He had symptoms of depression, brain fog, fatigue, and weakness. Even though being on antibiotics for many months, he was not improving. Once again, the EAV assessment showed that there were significant energetic blockages, and I had David see John.

John concurred with my EAV findings and found that most of his meridians were blocked. David’s body was literally “starved” of Qi. In his first session, John began to open his meridians, and David came out of the room, laughing and giggling. After several more sessions, David declared, “I’m starting to feel better!” something that he had never expressed before.

It’s worth noting: If you don’t have your energy, you don’t have your health.

Naturopathic physician, Adam Breiner, is the medical director of Whole-Body Medicine in Fairfield, CT. Dr. Breiner sees patients suffering from Lyme Disease and also focuses on Brain Health and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Reiki Master, John D’Angelo, works with Traditional Japanese Reiki and other oriental healing techniques at Whole-Body Medicine. Visit for information and videos related to this topic. To schedule an appointment, call 203-371-8258 ext.2.

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